May 16

Think you know Group 14 (the old Group G’s)? Think again.


When the threat of weed appear, Nufarm knows how to help you get the most from your land. Our new Group 14 spike herbicide Nufarm Terrad’or provides advanced broadleaf weed control and true grass weed activity. A new active to the Australian market, Terrad’or contains 700g/ kg of Tiafenacil in a WG formulation. With a flexible use rate of 15 – 40g/ha it can be used as a standalone (with a high quality MSO adjuvant like Nufarm Banjo or CanDo) or as a spike with a tank mix partner such as Nufarm CRUCIAL.

Terrad’or provides great value at the pre-sow knockdown timing when weed control, fast knockdown and plant-backs are most important. Key features include:

No residual activity, short plant-backs to key crops

  • No delayed sowing, maintains maximum yield potential
  • One hour plant-back to cereals and pulses
  • Plant-back to canola varies from 1 – 2 weeks depending on use rate

True grass activity

  • Helps prolong the effective use of nonselective knockdown chemistry

Very fast brownout

  • Fast and effective weed control

Importantly, Terrad’or provides growers with another tool to help manage glyphosate resistance in annual ryegrass. With glyphosate resistance becoming a wider problem, herbicides with alternative modes of action should be

considered. Group 14 actives with grass activity like Terrad’or could be useful to help in the management of resistant weeds, if used wisely. Nufarm has worked with a number of key researchers to understand the benefit that Terrad’or could have to help assist in the management of Annual Ryegrass resistance. Dr Peter Boutsalis and Dr Sam Kleeman from Plant Science Consulting undertook trials on known glyphosate resistant populations of Annual Ryegrass to understand if Terrad’or could assist in its control. Roberto Busi has undertaken further work to understand the enhanced grass activity of Terrad’or.

From this work, along with extensive field work across Australia, we had enough data to be able to prove a tank mixture of Terrad’or @ 40g/ha and CRUCIAL provides higher levels of Annual Ryegrass control where populations have a low level of glyphosate resistance; compared to glyphosate standalone.

Make Terrad’or your number one go-to for fast and effective control of broadleaf weeds and grasses. To find out more about Terrad’or reach out to your local Nufarm Business Development Manager or our Customer Service team with any questions.


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