About Pursehouse Rural

Pursehouse Rural operates 19 branches in Northern New South Wales and Queensland as well as 8 branches under the AGnVET RURAL brand, which is owned and operated jointly with AGnVET Services.

Our retail branches stock a wide range of rural supplies including agricultural chemicals, both solid and liquid fertilisers, all types of planting seed, animal health products, animal stock feeds, a large range of fencing products, water tanks and rural plumbing fittings, equine supplies, animal feed, pet foods and many other products.

Growing Together since 1962

Our motto ' Growing Together for Success ' stands over the door of every Pursehouse Rural branch. Mutual success is the solid foundation we stand upon and is the commitment to service that we've provided to our customers since 1962.

Pursehouse Rural prioritises building long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers to assist in providing the greatest opportunity for success to everyone in the geographic markets we serve within the Australian rural  and agricultural supply chains.

Built Upon Reliable Advice,

Service and Supply

Pursehouse Rural  is built upon providing reliable advice and the service and supply of all farm inputs, including fertiliser, seed and agricultural chemicals to meet the needs of  independent and family owned broad-acre, cropping, mixed farming, cattle and sheep operations in NSW and QLD.

In support of these customer operations, Pursehouse Rural operates a fertiliser blending plant at Quirindi NSW dedicated to producing customised blends of both solid and liquid fertilisers. This is a key strategy for customers wanting to be more closely aligned to fertiliser recommendations.

Our commitment to supporting best practice on farm operations is also reflected in the skill and dedication of our large team of qualified and experienced Agronomists, who are represented across all branches in our network. 

No Customer too big, or too small

Pursehouse Rural has witnessed the growth in lifestyle and hobby farms in many of the traditional farming communities that we serve. No matter how big or small your operation is,  you'll find qualified in branch customer support for all of your enquiries, from fencing, water tanks and troughs, to optimal animal feeds for chooks, sheep, cattle and horses, to optimal applications of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers to use on small to large scale operations.