May 16

New Raider Offering Flexibility And Performance For East Coast Wheat Growers


Pacific Seeds has released LRPB Raider, an exciting new wheat variety for the East Coast market.

Bred by LongReach Plant Breeders and marketed by Pacific Seeds, LRPB Raider is proving a popular choice for the season ahead.

Pacific Seeds Marketing Manager Andrew Short said LRPB Raider had been developed, tested and extensively trialled to solve a key challenge faced by growers on the East Coast of Australia – sowing window flexibility without compromised yield performance.

“LRPB Raider is an APH wheat variety developed specifically as slow-spring option suitable for EarlyMid season planting,” said Mr. Short.

“As a high yielding variety, Raider also provides growers stable yield performance across a wider sowing window plus it offers a secure disease and grain package for all environments.”

“Raider provides growers with greater flexibility without compromising on yield performance.”

LRPB Raider has a shorter plant height with the ability to quicken in cooler environments and seasons, while retaining LRPB Lancer’s high tillering growth style and LRPB Reliant’s ability to finish the season off fast.

BRONCO Forage Oats

S&W Bronco Oats are suited to a wide range of soil types and have been selected for excellent warm soil emergence, making them suitable for early sowing throughout northern Australia.

  • Early sowing from late February and early March can be a common practice in many regions depending on seasonal conditions, available soil moisture or predicted rainfall events.
  • With excellent seedling vigour, Bronco Oats are very quick to first grazing. They display exceptional tillering ability and fast recovery post grazing, making it an ideal choice for all intensive livestock operations seeking multiple grazings throughout the season, e.g. dairy, beef and sheep
  • Quick to first graze and fast recovery post-graze
  • Strong seedling vigour and exceptional tillering ability
  • Outstanding dry matter yields and
    proven rust resistance
  • Excellent warm soil emergence

KRAKEN Forage Barley

S&W Seed Company Kraken Forage Barley is an early maturing forage barley variety that displays excellent growth during the winter months.


  • It is suited to most grazing enterprises, offering quick recovery from grazing events, with up to six grazings per season. Kraken has been specially targeted to fill the traditional feed gap period during the cold months.
  • It produces quick feed for grazing and is an excellent hay option for any enterprise. It is also often used to provide weed control and soil preparatory action prior to planting perennial pastures.
  • Kraken will grow in areas with an annual rainfall greater than 350 millimetres, in well-drained soils, and is tolerant of a broad pH range. It is recommended that Kraken be grazed once it reaches the three-leaf stage of growth when it is anchored into the ground by its secondary roots.
  • Good disease resistance package
  • Sow late and graze early
  • Can be used to provide weed control and
    soil preparatory
  • Fast to establish, very quick feed grown
    on farm and excellent hay option


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