August 25

Malcolm Pursehouse: Sustainability and Business

Pursehouse Rural is a people’s business, with core values driving us to be Respectful, Reliable, Resilient and Responsible at all times.

As we move through 2021 and into 2022, Pursehouse Rural will continue to grow, adding new products, services and advanced technologies to our existing branch locations. As the Company has done in the past, Pursehouse Rural will also continue to expand by evaluating additional business locations across Northern New South Wales and Queensland, reaching more new customers than ever before.

As a Company close to agricultural practices, Pursehouse Rural believes we have a responsibility to our customers to promote environmental awareness practices which work alongside enterprise profitability. We are aware that cropping and livestock input management needs to be approached in a more sustainable way. We can make steps to achieve this by considering biological products and systems that will safeguard the land for long term profitability. Pursehouse Rural is focused on innovative projects that will allow agricultural system inputs to achieve carbon management goals in the future.

Agricultural supply chain instability has become the new normal for employees at Pursehouse Rural to manage on a daily basis. We make every effort to satisfy customer wants and needs and maintain channels of communication to ensure requirements are met on farm. The Company is fortunate to have many experienced employees familiar with key suppliers and their product supply obstacles, who are available to assist our customers through what will potentially become an increasingly difficult period.

Over the years, Pursehouse Rural have built a strong management team who continue to drive the Company into areas of growth and diversification. We have good people in the business and we will continue to train our employees in areas of career development important to them. We prioritise promotion from within at Pursehouse Rural, keeping employees who know our business the best available to our customers in one capacity or another.

As Pursehouse Rural looks beyond 2021, we look to grow in priority areas of business such as employee training and development, diversification of products and services, operational excellence and research and development. We are especially interested in those projects focused on rural land sustainability.


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