April 18

Stakka Bin: Smarter than you average bin


Need to store, carry, deliver or dish out feed or fertiliser?

Enmach has a product that will revolutionise the way you operate in your daily tasks. Our Stakka Bin is a class leading product that is the largest size on the market, a full galvanised steel frame, extendable legs and a stainless-steel no-buckle outlet that will make feed and fertiliser storage and delivery a breeze. Cubing out at a massive 1.75m3 with a swl capacity of 1.3 tonne the Stakka Bin will take anything you can throw into it, with a fully removable lid as standard and a bag splitter option, dispensing non-returnable bulk bags can now be a safe and simple operation. The poly of the stakka bin is moulded with translucent resin allowing the user to see the level of the product stored to be easily seen from outside the unit.

Enmach has used polyethylene in a smart range of poly silos designed to meet storage needs ranging from one tonne to 46t. Reinventing products usually made of materials such as steel, aluminium and fiberglass extends the life of those everyday items. Enmach’s poly products are lighter, have one of the world’s best UV protection ratings, resist rust and have compounded colour that won’t fade or scratch off.

Ultimately, Enmach has created the poly advantage – unbeatable durability. Enmach’s innovative poly silos’ have revolutionised feed, grain and fertiliser storage. The range of poly silos 4.2m3 Multi Feeder which is a 3.5 tonne silo coupled with a 1800mm diameter round trough and an all-weather shield, perfect for supplement feeding on the land, the poly silos then range from the 1800-millimetre diameter round silos which hold from 3t to 10.5t, the 2700mm diameter round silos which hold from 5t to 25t, and the 3400mm diameter silos which holds from 28t and 46t, all in unbeatable Poly, made to last. Invest in smarter, secure storage today.


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