April 18

Driving Profit with Pursehouse Rural Agronomy


Pursehouse Rural understands that every rural business is unique and has individual requirements. Our Crop Advisory Program is a proactive crop and pasture management service focused on increasing the performance of your rural enterprise.

Our long term thinking leads to successful agronomy partnerships that endure for many years, often decades, and in some cases across generational changes as farms pass to new owners.

Offering more than just advice

Offering more than just input advice, the Pursehouse Rural Agronomy team are focused on increasing you farm profitability. With a core focus on building strong, long-standing relationships with our grower customers, who we work closely with throughout each season.

With Pursehouse Rural, great agronomic advice starts with the relationship. This includes regular conversations and farm visits to ensure that appropriate management practices and technologies are included in each season’s cropping or pasture program. This professional contact forms the basis for sound agronomic decisions year after year, with timely application of required fertilisers and agricultural chemical products with a view to maximising your profit.

A variety of agronomy programs to suit your needs

Pursehouse Rural offers a variety of agronomy programs to suit the needs of our grower customers. From comprehensive broadacre crop management to pasture consultancy, dryland and irrigated cotton production and everything in between.  If you’re interested in maximising the profitability and sustainability of your cropping or pasture operation with a tailored agronomy package, contact a Pursehouse Rural Agronomist for an obligation free conversation today.

Professionals who specialise in soil management and crop production

Our Pursehouse Rural Agronomists are professionals who specialise in maximising profit for our grower customers through the application of pragmatic and professional soil management and crop production strategies.

Here are some of the benefits of using a Pursehouse Rural agronomist on your farm:

Improved Profitability: Our Agronomists have extensive knowledge of soil science, plant nutrition, and other factors that can impact crop profitability. By working with an Agronomist, you can develop a customised plan for your farm that takes into account your specific soil conditions, crop choices, and other factors, which can help improve your overall profit.

Increased efficiency:  Our Agronomists can help you identify areas where you can be more efficient in your farming operations. This might include things like optimising irrigation systems, identifying the most appropriate fertilisers and pest control methods, or developing more effective planting and harvesting strategies.

Cost savings: By working with our Agronomists, you can potentially save money on things like fertilisers, pesticides, and other inputs by using the most appropriate and cost-effective products for your farm.

Improved sustainability:  Our Agronomists can help you implement practices that are more sustainable for your farm.

Expertise: Pursehouse Rural Agronomists have a deep understanding of soil science, plant nutrition, and other factors that can impact crop production. By working with an Agronomist, you can tap into their expertise and knowledge to make informed decisions about your farm.

Contact the Pursehouse Rural Agronomy team today via your local Pursehouse Rural branch or contact Head Agronomist Ben Leys on 0428 216 137 or via email at [email protected].


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