August 20

Sydney University Professors Launch Repro Radio Podcast


Professors at Sydney University have embarked on an audio medium adventure to bring us a podcast that discusses the latest updates and information in the reproductive field.

Simon de Graaf, Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, and Dr. Taylor Pini, Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Sydney, identified a disparity between researchers working with reproductive technologies and information being communicated back to the end user; a farmer in the paddock, vets, animal health companies, and so forth.

In Simon’s opinion, “the days of academics sitting in their ivory towers and talking to each other about the sorts of research that they do and not really having any connection to the rest of the world, are over.”

The popularity of podcasts has boomed in recent years, with easy listening episodes passing the time in the car or in the tractor. They also offer a source of information, guidance or entertainment to listeners. Simon and Taylor identified an opportunity to bring research and technology to the forefront of discussion through their new podcast; Repro Radio Podcast.

“We feel as though it’s worth a crack and we’re filling a space that is currently empty.”

The podcast invites a whole host of guests from a range of industries to discuss their experiences with technologies in the reproductive field. They talk to Sydney University’s experts and consider ideas on where the industry may be headed next.

“We’re looking to try and increase the understanding that farmers have of what some of the products that they’re using actually do. And we will be discussing where that technology might go in the future.”

Episode one focuses on reproductive technologies in agriculture and invites discussion from three guests with experience in different sectors of the reproductive and agricultural industries; Dr. Bo Harstine, Director of Research at Select Sires USA, Dr. Michylla Seal, Director and Centre Veterinarian at Genstock WA, and Mark Mortimer, Owner of Centre Plus Merino Stud NSW.

“We’re planning on doing an episode looking at environmental effects on reproduction. Which is obviously going to be really important for production species.” Taylor comments.

This is something we have all seen in action in the paddock, in recent years; the impact of drought on the reproductive herd was on a scale many had never seen before.

“We really look at trying to connect people with resources as well. Highlighting things that people may not have come across before and trying to be a resource hub for that information.”

If you would like to follow Repro Radio Podcast, find them on Instagram @reproradiopodcast or give them a listen online at, via Spotify, Apple Podcast or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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