November 28

Product Focus – Speedrite Unigizer with Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah


This month we begin our new product focus segment with Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah.

The month of December sees Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah hosting some outstanding deals on Speedrite Energizers. Want to know more?

‘The Speedrite energizer that does it all’

The new Unigizer from Speedrite, now available at Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah, is a product that offers versatility and reliability packaged in one, neat and tidy box. The popularity of this products is based in the fact it can perform as a battery unit today and a mains unit tomorrow.  All that is required is for you, the Pursehouse Rural customer, to replace the power adapter (included) with the 12 V battery lead set (also included), transforming the Speedrite Unigizer.

The Speedrite Unigizer is a valuable solution to protecting your livestock. It is an essential component to any electric fencing installations on your property. It also has the capability to easily integrate with solar panels to create a semi-permanent or permanent solar fencing solution.

For more information on this product please contact Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah.


Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah

54 Mullaley Road

PO Box 334

Gunnedah NSW 2380

Ph: 02 6748 4500

F: 02 6742 4544

[email protected]


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 8am to 5.30pm

Saturday – On Call





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