December 13

New Technology – Automated Pest Monitoring Systems


The Agronomy team at Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah are trialling one of Adama’s automated pest monitoring systems, Trapview. The automated trap is being trialled in a 714B3F cotton field at Carroll.


Pictured (above) is the trap which has a pheromone placed in it every two weeks to attract green mirid adults.


Agronomists Matt and Lochie from Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah, alongside Peta Miguel from Adam Australia, have set up the technology so that the trap will regularly send images direct to their mobile devices, altering them if a green mirid has been photographed in the trap.


Beatsheeting is conducted 1-2 times per week in cotton fields to check if mirids are at the spray threshold. A few mirids have been found on beatsheets this week in the cotton, along with the trap capturing three adult males throughout the week.


Trapview will be a great tool to notify growers and Agronomists of adult mirids that may fly in on prevailing winds. This new technology allows us to get ahead of the game and expect hatchlings in the coming days after an adult in spotted in the trap.

Lochlan Lancaster – Pursehouse Rural Graduate Agronomist 


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