June 19

New Additions to the Pursehouse Rural Group

Pursehouse Rural are pleased to announce the addition of two new branch locations, at Proserpine and Sarina QLD, to the Pursehouse Rural Group. Pursehouse Rural has purchased the Agricultural Distribution business from the well-respected Rogers Family, who traded as Farm HQ in the area.


The two branches have a product and supply focus across a range of on-farm requirements, including sugar cane, cropping, horticulture, livestock and equine as well as catering to small farm customers. The Proserpine branch has a contract fertiliser and spraying application service, similar to some Pursehouse Rural branches in Northern New South Wales.


Pursehouse Rural Managing Director, Malcolm Pursehouse, comments:

This is a key acquisition for the Pursehouse Rural Group in developing its plan for geographical diversification. The Proserpine and Sarina branches will develop the reach of Pursehouse Rural into Queensland, supporting existing branches in Southern Queensland and on the Darling Downs.


The existing Farm HQ business is well respected in the local area and Pursehouse Rural hope to maintain the exceptionally high standard of business and customer service established by Farm HQ and which has similarly become synonymous with the Pursehouse Rural Group.


Pursehouse Rural looks to continue operations at Proserpine and Sarina as close to existing operations as possible, ensuring minimal change or disruption for customers at both branch locations. The team at Proserpine and Sarina will remain in place and continue to serve customers as normal. We hope the transition to Pursehouse Rural trading will be smooth and preferable for all customers.


Our main focus in business is to continue to high standards of operations established by the Farm HQ business, in the following areas:

  •  Fertiliser supply
  •  Agricultural Chemical
  • Stock feed and animal health products
  • Fencing supplies and on-farm general merchandise
  • Contract Application services (Proserpine only)

Through many years in the agricultural supply, distribution and agribusiness industry, Pursehouse Rural have established and maintained strong working relationships with a  wide range of goods suppliers to ensure high value goods and services are readily available to all Pursehouse Rural customers.


We look forward to continuing successful working relationships at Pursehouse Rural Proserpine and Pursehouse Rural Sarina.






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