April 12

The Future of 2,4-d Weed Control in Sugarcane is in the Dropzone


Sugarcane presents some unique challenges to growers when it comes to weed pressure. 


Just ask George Cole (pictured right), a Pursehouse Rural Agronomist in Proserpine, North Queensland. George has worked in Proserpine for two years, including one year on the Productivity Board and one year with Pursehouse Rural. 


“I come from a broadacre background, so mainly, wheat, barley, cereal grains and legumes. Sugarcane is obviously a lot different to broadacre, with a lot of different challenges – extremes in rainfall, sunlight and temperature in the tropics. Right now, for example, it’s been raining on and off for the past month and everything’s saturated.” Controlling problem weeds is particularly challenging in tropical conditions, and growers have come to rely on 2,4-D products for their excellent efficacy and reliable control. That means cane growers are also familiar with the downsides of 2,4-D – the characteristic odour, drift management and large buffer zones. 

George Cole Pursehouse Rural Proserpine Agronomist in Sugarcane crop

(Above) George Cole, Pursehouse Rural Proserpine Agronomist

But that’s all changing with Nufarm DROPZONE, according to George. 


“For us, DROPZONE will be replacing a lot of the older 2,4-D products like Amicide Advance 700- it's got all the benefits and far less of the problems. The optimised droplet spectrum, reduced off-target drift and the low odour aspect are very attractive for farmers, even when they’re mixing it in the tank. Apart from anything else, the low odour just makes it a much more pleasant product to use.” 


Simpler, faster and more effective on weeds 


The result of 10 years of research and development, DROPZONE is a faster, more efficacious 2,4-D amine with a world-first innovative formulation. Field testing has also placed DROPZONE at the front of the market for speed and efficacy. Nufarm compared activity against other amine 2,4-D formulations and DROPZONE delivered faster brownout, with improved efficacy, even on problem broad leaf weeds. 


Reduced buffer zones and maximum efficacy thanks to droplet optimisation technology 


The key factor in DROPZONE’s performance is Nufarm’s unique droplet optimisation formulation. Growers are required to opt for a larger spray and use drift-reducing adjuvants to reduce drift in 2,4-D products, both of which create larger droplets and reduce coverage. DROPZONE’s new technology means that it delivers up to 96% of spray volume in the ideal droplet size zone – between 150 and 720 microns – which gives excellent coverage and efficacy, while reducing the potential for drift. 


George sees only good things for DROPZONE in Proserpine. “We’ll be pushing DROPZONE more out for the self-propelled boom sprays now, which is where the reduction in buffer zones is great for us,” he said. “We’re always conscious that we’re growing cane in a highly sensitive area on the border of the Great Barrier Reef. There are small farms all around us as well, and we need to be aware of our neighbours, so anything that can keep the droplets in the paddock and on target is really valuable. At the end of the day, DROPZONE is better for the farmer, better for our neighbours and helps us manage our impact on the environment.” 

To find out more about Dropzone visit nufarm.com/au/dropzone/ or enquire at your local Pursehouse Rural branch today. 

Find your local Pursehouse Rural branch at pursehouserural.com.au/locations


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