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Branch Profile: Tamworth

Pursehouse Rural Tamworth keep customers front of mind with showroom redesign, making your retail experience quick and easy

Pursehouse Rural Tamworth employees

Pursehouse Rural Tamworth employees (from left) Jenelle Young (Merchandise Sales), Bella Henning (Merchandise Sales), Jenny Rankin (Merchandise Administration)

Tamworth is considered to be the county music capital of Australia and is a fast-growing major regional town located amongst the hills of north-west New South Wales. With a population of just over 64,500, Tamworth is a busy and social town home to a variety of agricultural and equine-focused individuals and families. Nestled within the town is Australia’s Equine and Livestock Events Centre which draws a vast variety of equine competitors from far and wide. 


Tamworth has a range of mixed agricultural inputs, located within the hills there are prime livestock rearing areas, and as you move closer to the town centre you get into equine and general produce, then located not too far from town you will find grain-growing areas. 

Pursehouse Rural Tamworth Livestock Feed

Pursehouse Rural Tamworth is situated in the industrial area of Tamworth and is also home to a Saddleworld franchise. The Tamworth branch offers a diverse business model covering a range of different inputs to support customers including grain-growing farmers, all the way through to equine customers, and everything in between. Pursehouse Rural Tamworth is a one-stop shop for everything you need within the local area. 


With a recent renovation and store refurbishment, the branch now has one of the biggest display rooms around with a large range of merchandise, produce, and equine products. Pursehouse Rural Tamworth truly has a diverse range to offer customers from products, services, and helpful advice. 

“We strive to offer high-end customer service, with an educated and helpful team to help customers get exactly what they need to get the job done,” says Pursehouse Rural Tamworth Branch Manager, Scott Hawkins (pictured right). 

Branch Manager, Scott has a strong background in agriculture with over 16 years of experience in the industry. Scott can help customers get exactly what they need to get the job done. The highly skilled team of agronomists offer quality on-farm advice and assistance to local growers. Tamworth is renowned for growing quality crops of sorghum, canola, wheat, and lucerne. Pursehouse Rural Tamworth goes above and beyond to support local communities by sponsoring local sporting teams and events.   

Pursehouse Rural Tamworth Branch Manager Scott Hawkins

Pursehouse Rural Tamworth has continued to offer great service and advice and positively progressed over previous years. Looking to the future, Pursehouse Rural Tamworth hopes to continue growing for success by incorporating effective technology in farming for the benefit of their customers. 

Equine supplements Pursehouse Rural Tamworth

“We have a great team here at Tamworth, who bring their own knowledge and skills to the branch to give our customers the best experience in branch and on farm. We are surrounded by an extensive farming community which we strive to support in any way we can.”  

~ Scott Hawkins, Branch Manager 

For all your agricultural requirements, contact the team at Pursehouse Rural here.


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