July 10

Warwick Truck Incident – All Safe and Well

Last night, on the evening of Monday 9th July 2018, a Pursehouse Rural Truck was travelling between Warwick and Clifton, QLD, when the twelve hay bales being carried on the the truck unexpectedly caught fire.


There was a fire extinguisher on board, as per regulations, and the truck driver attempted to extinguish the blaze, assisted by a passing police officer.


The blaze was believed to have been put out and the truck was moved to a safe location off the highway. Unfortunately, the bales reignited and were lost in the incident. We are very grateful to the fire crews who assisted in putting out the blaze.


No one was injured in the incident and this morning the truck has been cleared by mechanics to be brought back to Pursehouse Rural. It was not damaged in the incident.


The cause of the blaze is still unknown. Again, Pursehouse Rural is grateful to the emergency service men and women who attended the scene, for their quick and thorough work extinguishing the blaze and their professionalism in ensuring our truck driver was safe.


Please see below for the attached media release:

Pursehouse Rural Media Release_Warwick Truck Incident


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