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Veritas® Opti One Fungicide for your Key Crops


One robust fungicide in the shed to treat a range of crops is now a viable option with Veritas Opti from ADAMA Australia.

Launched in 2021, Veritas Opti has received outstanding feedback for its efficacy and flexibility from both farmers and agronomists. It is registered for key diseases in both barley and wheat (including stripe rust) and is also on label for Sclerotinia and Blackleg in canola, Botrytis and Ascochyta in chickpeas and fababeans, and for control of Powdery Mildew in mungbeans. ADAMA Australia Commercial Manager – Northern NSW, Peta Miguel, said it can be a real issue getting suitable fungicides for a range of crop types in wetter seasons.

“Veritas Opti allows growers to use it across multiple winter crops as well as summer crops,” she said.

“Adding the global supply issues to the equation, having Veritas Opti in the shed can be a real comfort knowing that you have all your potential disease problems covered.”

While the Veritas Opti label offers an industry leading portfolio of key crops and diseases, its other key benefit is just as important – efficacy. Trial work conducted over multiple years has shown that for all crop types on label, Veritas Opti offers equal levels of efficacy to the other leading fungicides for each crop.

Pursehouse Rural Field Agronomist, Lochie Lancaster, Gunnedah, was impressed with the results from Veritas Opti in 2021. “We applied it to a crop of durum wheat (Lillaroi) to control of stripe rust at flag leaf in a high pressure year,” he said.

“The product stopped any further development of the disease and did exactly what I was hoping for. For me the product offers excellent cost effective control.”

ADAMA Australia Market Development Manager NSW, Harry Pickering explained that Veritas Opti is a co-mix fungicide of two leading active ingredients tebuconazole (Group 3) and azoxystrobin (Group 11). “The two actives give the product a robust and broad spectrum level of disease control,” he said.

“Selection pressure on either active ingredient is also reduced, in turn slowing potential development of fungicide resistance, which has become a real concern over the past 10 years.”

ADAMA Australia has invested eight years of Research and Development into bringing Veritas Opti to the Australian market. With the increasing occurrence of fungicide resistance and changes and mutations in pathogens, ADAMA will continue to work closely with industry to assist growers to maximize their profitability.

For further information on the use of Veritas Opti fungicide in pulse crops, growers, advisers and agronomists can contact their local ADAMA representative or visit

Veritas® Opti

You’ll see the difference where it counts.

New concentrated formulation!

Veritas Opti fungicide contains 85% more active ingredients than Veritas for greater convenience and reduced waste.

  • Broad spectrum foliar fungicide for use in wheat, barley, pulses and canola (including sclerotinia)
  • New registered claims for upper canopy blackleg in canola, black spot in field peas and powdery mildew in adzuki beans, mungbeans and navy beans!
  • Two powerful modes of action (Group 3/11) for improved disease control and resistance management
  • Persistent protectant and systemic activity
  • Cost-effective solution to maximise quality and yield potential


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