February 2

Sunflower Trail Brings Light to Liverpool Plains


Sprinkled around the Liverpool plains under the warm early January sun lay patches of attractive yellow sunflowers, drawing in tourists from all around NSW. The Sunflower Trail wove around Quirindi, Willow Tree, Pine Ridge and Premer, showcasing the rich beauty of the Liverpool plains.


Initiated and hosted by The Plains AU – a group of seven farmers and business owners reflecting on the tough years of drought and the pandemic that had had particularly devasting impacts on ‘Australia’s Food Bowl’, recognising not only the need to boost the local rural economy, but also the overall morale of the farming community.


Local Farmer Ian Carter, Connamara Partnership, on his property ‘Romney Vale’ just outside of Quirindi, was eager to demonstrate the strength and resilience of his community to those interested and contributed to the charming trail by planting his own patch of captivating sunflowers. Keen to contribute to this display of vitality, Pursehouse Rural’s Quirindi Branch provided the seed to make this possible.

In an era where International Travel has been hindered by COVID-19, and domestic travel is increasing in popularity, the Liverpool Plains Sunflower Trail could not have come at a better time for these rural communities – drawing in curious travellers from all around NSW, determined to snap a photo amongst the crop of radiant flowers.


As well as providing excellent photo opportunities, the Liverpool Plains Sunflower Trail featured a variety of events hosted by local individuals and businesses which further sought to showcase the hardworking mindset which underpins the region took place. This included a long table dinner at Windy Stations, yoga in the paddock, boutique markets, bush tucker camp ovens, cooking with sunflowers, a concert in the paddock, an iPhone photography workshop, a sunflower painting workshop and a pick your own sunflower event.


With the success of the Liverpool Plains Sunflower Trail this year, we can only hope that this becomes a recurring event in the future.


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