August 25

Nufarm Support a Future for Australian Agriculture


Nufarm and Pursehouse Rural Proudly Supporting a Future for Australian Agriculture with Through & Through.

Nufarm and Pursehouse Rural have a long, proud history servicing the needs of Australian growers. By supporting Nufarm and Pursehouse Rural, you are directly supporting Australian agricultural jobs and the ongoing commitment for rural communities.

Last year, Nufarm surveyed Australian farmers revealing that they strongly back Australian products, with more than 85 percent of farmers more likely to change their purchases to help guarantee the supply of domestic crop protection inputs.

The in-depth survey of more than 100 mixed enterprise and grain farmers across Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia was commissioned by Nufarm to understand the importance our farmers place on domestic solutions.

The survey found:

  • 98% are likely, quite likely or highly likely to purchase Australian crop protection solutions;
  • More than 90% said reliable supply of crop protection inputs was highly important;
  • The vast majority said they were likely to change their crop protection purchase once they learned products are made by an Australian company supporting Australian jobs.

The volatile year that was 2020 has given cause for some farmers to pause and consider the impact of their purchases. “I am more inclined to look for something that is Australian owned at the very least”, responded one participant.

Grain Producers Australia Chair, Andrew Weidemann AM, resonates with this research, stating, “It’s now more evident the heightened risk we take if we have no formulation company in Australia, putting our farmers first. In this perilous time in Australia’s history, farmers should stand beside our own and support companies who have been here in the past through thick and thin supporting growers”.

“This awareness and intent from Australian farmers and retailers is important, as increasing challenges to the local crop protection production industry further impact the security of domestic manufacturing in Australia,” said Peter O’Keefe, Commercial General Manager – Nufarm Australia.

“Australian manufacturing, Australian-made and Australian jobs are vital to our Nation’s post-COVID recovery. Farmers, retailers and the agricultural industry are being asked to choose local where they can to guarantee the viability of an Australian agricultural supply chain, which we know from the survey is important to their operations.”

“Nufarm is the only global crop protection brand with significant manufacturing assets in Australia, and our commitment to being a true partner for growth includes focusing on our Australian heritage. We simply can’t guarantee the supply of domestic crop protection inputs alone. Farmers, partners and the agricultural industry need to partner together to choose local more often.”

The Australian Through & Through brand campaign celebrates regional positivity and focus and seeks to remind farmers and regional Australians about Nufarm’s Australian credentials and manufacturing footprint in Australia. Because they’ve never been more important.

In the spirit of through and through, Nufarm and Pursehouse Rural will continue to work together in local markets to provide value, share knowledge and develop local solutions that matter for our local growers.

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