December 13

Pacific Seeds helps shine a light on Pursehouse 2021 Movember Competition

The Pursehouse Rural “Mobro’s” Team participation in Movember 2021 set a new record of $6,370 for our annual Movember fundraiser, almost doubling the fundraising total of the previous year. Championing our cause and mo-tivating us to succeed, was our prize sponsor partner Pacific Seeds, who kindly donated 3 prizes of a Golf Umbrella, a Cooler Bag and a Maglight.

These prizes were awarded to the winner of each category below. Winners were chosen by an online survey, via survey monkey, and was promoted online.

Greatest Mo

  1. Andrew Maughan
  2. Craig Young
  3. Callan Orman

Best Biker Mo

  1. Chris Avard
  2. Andrew Maughan
  3. Callan Orman

Filthiest Mo

  1. Bruce Nixon
  2. Chris Avard
  3. Craig Young

Pursehouse Rural would like to take this opportunity to thank our prize sponsor Pacific Seeds and to especially thank the many people who kindly donated to the team for the 2021 Movember fundraiser. Without your help we would not have had this success.


You can Support the Pursehouse Mo Bros in 2022 at


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