April 12

Malcolm Pursehouse: Retail Is About Detail

At Pursehouse Rural, our employees are aware that retailing is all about detail. In other words, when supplying products and services of high quality, all the boxes must be ticked and maintained along the supply chain to offer customers the opportunity for success at the most satisfying levels. 


Pursehouse Rural must have the appropriate products at the right time with the correct quality and price to be the supplier of choice. The company must supply all the above at more appealing levels to the customer than our competitors. 


The company must be easily recognisable as more customer-centric than our competitors. As per company policy, all employees are trained and constantly learning the importance of getting all the details correct at all the supply functions. In addition to continually searching and learning about new and inventive resources for the profitability of our customers. 


Malcolm Pursehouse, Pursehouse Rural Managing Director

Malcolm Pursehouse (above) Pursehouse Rural Managing Director

Pursehouse Rural’s administration team behind the front-line sales, are highly qualified. This is a skilled business section led by a Head of Finance and a senior person responsible for IT and Business Systems. These teams are well-versed, skilled employees who are continually advancing themselves and the Pursehouse Rural business with the latest developments in business administration systems. They complement the company strategy of getting the details right in retail distribution.

The plan for Pursehouse Rural is to continue improving communications at all levels across the company. High and effective levels of communication are a major contributor to the detail required to succeed in retail distribution. 

Contact your local Pursehouse Rural branch today for all your agricultural input requirements. You can find your closest branch at pursehouserural.com.au/locations.


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