May 26

Malcolm Pursehouse: 60 Years in Business

In 2022 Pursehouse Rural enters their 60th year of business. From one shopfront in Werris Creek NSW, established by Fred Pursehouse, we now operate 19 Pursehouse Rural branches and 8 joint-venture branches across NSW and QLD.

It is my pleasure to celebrate our 60th anniversary this year. It has not been without its trials of weather impacted operating conditions, supply chain issues and general operational challenges, but with a strong employee team in place, Pursehouse Rural maintains a commanding presence in the agricultural distribution industry.

In this, our 60th year of operations, I am very pleased to announce that Scott Pursehouse will commence as CEO of the Pursehouse Rural group. Scott takes this position with many years of experience in the business, ready to lead our company through 2022 and beyond.

Our employees are at the forefront of our operations and having good people in place is our number one strategy in providing the best possible service to our customers across rural communities. We continue to seek out experienced and professional individuals to join the Pursehouse Rural business in key strategic areas, assisting our branches to enhance their operations and ultimately provide the best possible services to our customers. Pursehouse Rural remains a people’s business after 60 years and will continue this focus for the years to come.

Supply chain issues continue to impact the agricultural industry. The Pursehouse Rural Company is fortunate to have a well-connected group to share the burden of supply chain instability as well as an experienced management team, ready to assist branches in maintaining their supply requirements. Every effort is made to ensure our customers have what they need on farm and on time.

We look to 2022, our 60th year of operations, with optimism and the hope that favourable weather conditions remain conducive to a productive season. We look to grow our business into new areas with a focus on sustainable land practices, operational excellence, and diversification strategies.


To your success,


Malcolm Pursehouse
Managing Director


60 years, business

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