January 29

Livestock Worm Egg Counting Available at Pursehouse Rural


Save time and money on livestock drenches with FECPAK parasite feacal egg count. Performing parasite egg counts are extremely beneficial to finding the exact cause of the problem and treating your animals with the correct solutions. Maximise weight gain and save time and money spent on unnecessary drenches. The worm egg count (WEC) recognizes and counts the number of eggs per one gram of animal faeces. Using results from WEC tests and using the correct drench solution can reduce problems further down track and maintain a healthy animal. Livestock worm egg counting is available at Pursehouse Rural Sarina, QLD. 

Livestock Parasite Management Device

The FECPAK parasite management tool covers sheep, cattle, horse, and alpacas with a simple step. The tool is a digital microscope that uses samples from livestock to capture images and identify parasites in animals. This device uses artificial intelligence and is used and approved by farmers and animal health advisors. Parasite numbers can be encouraged through multiple factors on the health of the animal including diet, temperature of the animal, and condition.

How Our Team Can Help with Livestock Worm Egg Counts

Pursehouse rural team members have been trained to use this device and gather the right results to treat your livestock correctly. We understand that parasites can occur during any time of the year, that’s why we offer this service year-round. When you provide Pursehouse Rural team with a sample, we can discuss appropriate drenching methods and combinations from the FECPAK results. Livestock worm egg counting can reduce problems further down the track and provide you with the results to treat your livestock within 24-48 hours.  

How To Get Your Livestock Tested

To test your livestock egg count, you will need to provide the Pursehouse Rural Sarina team members with a sample of animal faeces. Keep samples separate if you are bringing in multiple varieties of livestock. 

Pursehouse Rural Sarina

Address: 34 Homebush Road, Sarina QLD 4737

Phone: 07 4859 3700

Email: [email protected]

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To find out more information about FECPAK worm egg counts visit www.fecpak.com


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