February 26

Electric Fencing


Electric Fencing can be a beneficial method of securing and managing livestock on the farm, amongst many other advantages. This form of fence gives an object an electric shock through one of the multiple wires that are electrified. It can be portable and a cost-effective solution to permanent or temporary livestock management, security, or pest control.

Why Use Electric Fencing

While electric fencing energizers can be solar or electric, a majority of solar-powered fencing units come with a rechargeable battery. They typically come fully self-sufficient and are great for moving around the paddock or properties.

The maintenance of this type of fence can be more efficient due to the electric shock that deters livestock. This in turn can discourage stock from approaching and potentially damaging the wires with productive and easy animal management.

Installing this fencing can be less physically demanding and much more time efficient. The equipment required to run this fence can be a cheaper solution in comparison to traditional wire fencing or post and rail. You also have much more freedom to manipulate the shape of the fence as you require. With no permanent posts to move, the electric fence is a great livestock management option.

Shop Electric Fencing with Pursehouse Rural

Pursehouse Rural branches stock a wide range of electric fencing energizers from solar to electric from key suppliers including Gallagher and Thunderbird. Phone or visit your local branch to learn more about these units or the stock available.


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