January 5

Change Pushed Business To Be The Best with Malcolm Pursehouse

Change is sometimes a daunting word. But as we cast our mind back over the past 60 years of business at Pursehouse Rural, it has become clear just how quickly change pushes us forward. From one store in Werris Creek over 60 years ago, to now nineteen locations servicing customers across Northern New South Wales and Queensland, the Pursehouse Rural business continues to embrace change for the better.

In business we can change in four ways. Internal change is a natural part of business, such as employee upskilling and employee numbers increasing to meet the demands of business. External change can propel us into future markets such as technological changes or the expanding requirement of our customers. Reactive change can often impact our business in the form of law and regulation changes, which ensure we are operating safely and sustainably. And finally, proactive change culminates in leadership decisions made to keep Pursehouse Rural at the forefront of the agricultural distribution industry.

As I look back over the decisions made by Fred Pursehouse over 60 years ago, I can see that he adopted change proactively, whether that be shifting the business from wholesale agricultural distribution to retail ag distribution, operating from Quirindi, NSW, and servicing farms directly on the Liverpool Plains. To investing in aeroplanes flown from America to support aerial spraying operations in the district and eventually investing in prototype Hino trucks which laid the foundations for ground spray application services, when spraying from Toyota Landcruiser Rigs was no longer viable, as farms grew in size and operational capacity.

At Pursehouse Rural, we continue to invest in new technologies, products and services to guarantee our customers are at the forefront of industry operations. Today, in 2022, we look at aerial weed mapping by drone, chemical advances from our leading suppliers and animal health developments to ensure our livestock are protected.

For 60 years, Pursehouse Rural have been working to support your operations on farm. And we will continue to do so as we grow together.

To your success,

Malcolm Pursehouse Managing Director


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