August 25

Dual-Active Cattle Drench from Virbac Australia


A game changer for cattle producers.

Research has found a dual-active moxidectin and levamisole cattle drench resulted in steers that were 11 kilograms heavier than untreated animals and 8kg heavier over 63 days than those who had been treated with doramectin pour on.

Virbac Australia has partnered with independent research groups in southern Australian to uncover the most effective cattle drench in different conditions.

Research conducted by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries and North Coast Local Land Service found that untreated yearling steers or those treated with an ineffective product were 15 kilograms lighter after 90 days.

The recent study looked at the response to a range of pour-on drenches in 245 mixed-breed steers, 9-11 months old sourced from over 50 NSW farms, with a mean starting weight of 300 kilograms and naturally infected with Ostertagia, Haemonchus and Cooperia.

The research found that Cydectin Platinum – as a dual-active moxidectin and levamisole cattle drench -resulted in steers that were 11kg heavier than untreated animals and 8kg heavier than those who had been treated with doramectin pour-on.

Virbac senior livestock technical services manager Dr. Matt Ball encourages farmers to ensure they choose the most effective cattle drench to fight parasites.

“We now recognise that single active pour-on drenches are no longer effective enough to control all key worms or protect productivity,” Dr Ball said.

“Farmers need effective products that don’t just remove some of the worms but also add excellent growth rates in their cattle. Over time, the products that we use become less and less effective and that is fundamentally the problem. If we use an ineffective drench, we lose productivity – our cattle don’t grow as well.

“With Cydectin Platinum, we’ve created a drench that not only improves worm control and holds off resistance, but it also keeps benefits like potency, persistency and ease of use. When it comes to animal health, don’t settle for the second best. Make sure you’re using the right products and that your drench protects your productivity.”

Cydectin Platinum is the world’s firs dual active cattle drench containing moxidectin and levamisole. This gives producers a new, rigorously tested product that is the culmination of almost a decade of local Australian development to deliver the productivity and outcomes producers want.

Despite this, there has not been a new cattle drench product on the market for close to ten years. Cattle producers have often been forced to rely on old products claiming efficacie based on trial results that were conducted years ago. Older drenches simply don’t work as well as they once did.

To protect productivity, always choose a drench with the highest efficacy. Cydectin Platinum offers producers highly effective worm control, delay resistance and increase productivity.

While single action drenches were once the best available, the results speak for themselves. Cydectin Platinum sets the new standard for pour-on cattle drenches in Australia.

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