April 6

Branch Profile: Sarina QLD

‘We want to be the go to place for all your farm needs. If we don’t have something we’re happy to look into it and source it for you. That’s our job, to keep our farmers happy and to supply everything to keep your farm operational, no matter how big or small you are.’

-Branch Manager Penny Plath

Situated in a small coastal community, Pursehouse Rural Sarina is the latest addition to the Pursehouse Rural group, along with branch counterpart Pursehouse Rural
Proserpine. Purchased from the Farm HQ group, Pursehouse Rural Sarina is a welcome addition to the Pursehouse Rural family and a step further north than ever before.

Nestled beside beautiful beaches, the farming community of Sarina compiles a unique mix of sugar cane farming, beef production, horticulture and hobby farmers. Just 30 minutes south of Mackay, Sarina is a regional hub for farmers in the area, taking advantage of the fertile coastal soil.

The variety of farm inputs in the area is no problem for the Sarina branch as they have the capacity to stock a wide range of products to keep up with demand. All agricultural needs are covered from fertiliser, chemicals and BOC gas, to livestock handling systems, animal health, fencing, water management, feed and produce and even accessories for the garden.

2021 is shaping up to be a great season for the Sarina area with reasonable rainfall recorded on the coast. Pursehouse Rural Sarina support their growers with agronomic advice, soil testing, aerial fertilising and spray application to ensure crop health and protection are second to none.

We are mostly long standing local employees who have a first-hand understanding of what our customers require because we live it too. Many of us have our own properties or livestock. We have a variety of skills that compliment each other and that is only ever a good thing for our customers.


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