May 23


Photography by Jessica Rea

Located in the Northeastern New South Wales town of Gunnedah, this Pursehouse Rural branch services a wide variety of customers located on the fertile agricultural country of the Liverpool Plains.

Perched on the banks of the Namoi River, Gunnedah is home to over 9,000 people (2016 census), the majority of whom, you may safely assume, work within an agricultural field or within an industry closely linked to it, as 80% of the land surrounding Gunnedah is dedicated to farming or an agricultural pursuit.

‘That’s the beauty of Gunnedah’ says Branch Manager, Chris Avard.

‘It’s the diversity. We sit in this little climate belt where the average temperatures are inducive to growing Summer and Winter crops.’

At any time of the year the Gunnedah branch is a hive of activity due to the dual inputs by farmers in the area. The Gunnedah region is a significant producer of Australia’s cotton, as well as cereal and oilseed grains, alongside livestock operations.

‘That creates a very diverse need from the branch’ notes Chris.

‘We’ve got to be prepared to service a wide number of crop and inputs that could be growing at any one time.’

Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah  is driven by an experienced team of Customer Service employees and an in-house Agronomy team, as well as administration employees in accounts and inventory. In fact, Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah is the hub of the New South Wales Agronomy department, with a wealth of combined experience, they lead they way in their specialist fields, including cotton and broadacre agronomy. Additionally, Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah is the base for Pursehouse Rural Anhydrous Ammonia expert, Steve Burns. He is the go-to in the area for sales, application and servicing of Anhydrous Ammonia and corresponding systems.


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