April 19

All New Opti-Phil Saving Pump Life and Energy On Farm


With Philmac

The new Philmac OptiPHIL float valve is a high performance, compact, float valve for large and medium troughs with high demand. This full flow float valve provides flow of up to 847 L/min at high pressure and flows of 287 L/min @ 100 kPa, making it very adaptable in a wide variety of applications.

The Research and Development team at Philmac have designed innovative new features into the OptiPHIL float valve that have dramatically improved the function of this style of valve.

Features of the Float Valve

Minimising float bounce being one of them, you don’t want your float bouncing in turbulent water in the trough creating false shut-offs that can cause damage to fittings and ruin pumps. The team at Philmac have developed the unique Smooth-Flo outlet design which optimises water flow, reduces turbulence, minimising float bounce. When combined with the patented soft-close technology which prevents water hammer and provides a reliable shut-off every time saving wear and tear on your pump and pipe systems.

The valve is also designed with the patented Opti-Flo technology, which optimises water flow through the valve to help prevent blockages and improve performance in dirty water.

So what’s in the box? The Philmac OptiPHIL float valve comes pre-assembled with a standard 1” BSP tapered male thread. To cover other common inlet sizes and underwater installations, OptiPHIL is supplied with ¾” and 1-¼” thread adaptors and an underwater kit, which consists of a float cord and anti-tangle tubing. All this means installation is fast and easy. If you do need to adjust the water level in the trough it’s as simple as loosening a screw on the arm that holds the 4” high-vis float and then re-tightening.

For more information on the new OptiPHIL Float Valve go to: www.philmac.com.au/valves/float-valves  or speak to your local Pursehouse Rural branch.


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