April 19

A Business Is Only As Good As Its People

With Malcolm Pursehouse

At Pursehouse Rural our vision is to be a successful Independent Rural Business focused on our customers, our people, our profitability and our sustainability. We aim to strengthen partnerships with existing customers, grow with new customers and plan with all customers for their success in their rural initiatives. The company wants to retain, develop, and recognise our employees, having people with the right skills in the right roles. We want to meet all financial targets, promote best practice across all sectors of our business, and we want to minimise waste and prioritise initiatives that support environmental sustainability.

Managing Director, Malcolm Pursehouse says,

“To be successful, Pursehouse Rural aims to align itself to key business strategies and strive for the highest level of communication across the companies it controls.”  

The company is excited about the future of agriculture in Australia, including rural input distribution. Pursehouse Rural continually seeks and promotes new products, services and technologies that will increase customer profitability.

Malcolm Pursehouse says, “We know we must be nimble and flexible around decision processes.” The company is privately owned and strives to be a fast-developing entity on the move to create success across its 27 locations. “We have a strong Board of Directors, and a very experienced senior management team with great branch employees.”

Pursehouse Rural knows its future is its employees. There is a strong employee development initiative at Pursehouse Rural.

“Every day there seems to be employees attending courses, sometimes short training periods and in many situations weekly or longer training, in areas that allow those employees wanting to advance the opportunity to do so. The Pursehouse Rural Group have a great group of employees. Our focus on employee development, retention, recruitment, safety, and wellbeing is proving to be very important and successful.”


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