April 7

Agronomy Report: New England


Favourable summer conditions have resulted in plentiful feed and stock in excellent condition for the start of 2021. There are plenty of carry over weeds such as thistles, fleabane and Bathurst burrs that are in constant need of spraying with concurrent germinations throughout summer. Fallow sprays have been very successful
with Crucial and 2-4D Amicide Advance due to the continuing rain and mild summer conditions.

Oats and annual pasture mixes are planted and germinating well. It is a great year to consider perennial pasture mixes with low stocking rates and available feed giving you the opportunity to let the perennial pasture establish before grazing, which generally isn’t the case. Seed companies have good stocks of pasture seed this year so speak to your local Pursehouse Rural agronomist for perennial pasture options.

Treating seed before planting will be very advantageous this year, with greater potential for Yellow Barley Dwarf Virus in oats and insect pressure in pastures. Products such as EverGol, Gaucho and Poncho Plus are giving great protection during the establishment period.

Weed control into the autumn and winter will be continuing this year with MCPA being a sound option for early applications for thistle species. Keeping new paddocks clean with good grazing management, maximizing kilos per mouthful, will result in more meat out the gate and profitability.

By Lachlan Jeffers

Branch Manager and Agronomist Pursehouse Rural Uralla



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