Gear up for fencing with Pursehouse Rural Tamworth

Pursehouse Rural branches provide high quality rural merchandise to customers from across Northern New South Wales and Queensland. Upgrading your fencing? Contact your local Pursehouse Rural branch today.

Gear up your farm for success and shop Tamworth Rural Fencing at Pursehouse Rural.  

With a wide range of stock on hand and at your convenience, Pursehouse Rural Tamworth can also provide you with helpful advice.  


The benefits of fences are endless which can include crops, livestock, wildlife, and people protection.  

Whether you are building a standard wire fence, electric fence, or steel fence among many others, Pursehouse Rural has the fencing equipment you need to complete the job.  

Find the right materials for the job.

Finding the appropriate materials for the job is just as important as the materials needed to complete the job. High-quality merchandise from suppliers includes Gallagher, Thunderbird,Cyclone, and Waratah which are available at different Pursehouse Rural branches. Products vary across stores but can include:  

  • Post drivers  
  • Fencing tape 
  • Underground cable 
  • Reels 
  • Pin locks 
  • Energizers 
  • Pliers  
  • Spinners  
  • Strainers and more. 
Cyclone rural fencing products displayed outside of pursehouse rural branch

Perform the Job Safely with Pursehouse Rural Tamworth 

Become aware of your surroundings, with safety as the number one priority when building your fence. You may seek professional advice or help to get the job done. Other safety measures include wearing safety glasses or sunglasses to protect your eyes and gloves when handling sharp or heavy materials, which can be purchased with Tamworth rural fencing supplies at Pursehouse Rural.

Male pursehouse rural tamworth employee at branch counter

Maximise Fence Performance this winter. 

Consider making any amendments to your fence before the cold weather hits. Durable materials can withstand harsh winds and snow and are a better long-term solution all year round that is less likely to need repairs.  

If you have livestock that needs to be kept safe and secure, ensuring visibility of fencing in low light conditions such as sight wire, may be necessary.   

Australian rural scene with mountain and mist in the background, rural fence in foreground

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