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Save 10% on Selected Mitavite Products

Date : 19th Feb, 2018

Pursehouse Rural is pleased to launch their latest offer, in conjunction with Mitavite – leaders in equine nutrition.

Save 10% on Mitavite Formula 3, Performa 3 and Xtra Cool in selected Pursehouse Rural branches.

Formula 3 is Australia’s favourite oat-free complete race feed. Mitavite’s brand new formulation of this revered product, uses the latest scientific advances in equine nutrition to provide a fresh, palatable and flexible feed whilst maintain all the benefits of the original recipe.

The oat-free, muesli style feed is a balanced and well-rounded addition to the feed room. Specially formulated for horses prone to tie up, Formula 3 works well on competition and sports horses. Mitavite had also added their exclusive Vitamin K supplement, Bonafide, to support bone density and soundness.

Why choose Formula 3?

  • High in essential amino acids, suitable for 2 year olds in pre training or racing
  • High oil feed, perfect for horses prone to tie up yet require an oat free feed
  • Premium, amino acid rich base feed to which oats can be added for mature horses in racing or high intensity work.


Performa 3 is an oil supplement, rich in Omega 3 and 6 and 9 Fatty acids. The oil formula offers a unique combination of vegetable and fish oils with garlic to aid immunity. Performa 3 oil provides horses with a rich source of Omega 3 oils, a group of unsaturated fatty acids which cannot be synthesised by the horse making them an essential addition to the horses’ diet.

Why choose Performa 3?

  • Benefits for all performance disciplines including lowered heart rates, lower packed cell volumes and enhanced red blood cell formation, suppleness and flexibility.
  • Decreased inflammation and improved blood circulation shows improvements to lung health.
  • Benefits for breeding stock include, enhanced fertility and improved sperm mobility when sperm has been frozen or chilled.
  • Perfect for joint maintenance.


Xtra Cool is a special formulated, non-heating feed for horses and ponies in light to medium work. It contains a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and oils to offer the best in nutritional support for your horse.

Why choose Xtra Cool?

  • Non-heating formula
  • Added vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for balanced nutrition
  • Palatable and steam extruded
  • Extra magnesium for calming


Contact your local Pursehouse Rural store for more information.


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