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Pursehouse Rural Quirindi

Pursehouse Rural Quirindi was first opened in 1979, quickly becoming the company Head Office, as it still is today, and the second operational branch for the Pursehouse Rural business. The new branch was established to support the first Werris Creek branch location and growers in the area. With the rise of land transportation, the need to move grain and goods by train was in a steady decline and by 1986 the Werris Creek branch was closed with all customers to be serviced by the Quirindi branch just 20kms south.

Today, Pursehouse Rural Quirindi remains the Company Head Office as well as a large merchandise store and linked to the Fertiliser plant just a few hundred meters up the road from the branch location on the corner of Lennox and Loder Streets. The branch has grown substantially over the years as farming has continued to go from strength to strength on the Liverpool Plains.

Spearheaded by Branch Manager, Bruce Nixon, the Quirindi branch and Head Office is also the operational base for Managing Director Malcolm Pursehouse, Chief Executive Officer, Scott Pursehouse and Head of Operations, Mark Roseby. Alongside this executive team operating from Quirindi are members of the accounts payable team, the inventory team, Agronomists, a full team of customers service representatives and merchandise manager for Quirindi, Davin Goodwin, to ensure everything is in top working order for Pursehouse Rural Quirindi customers.

The Pursehouse Rural Quirindi business continues to support growers across the Liverpool Plains, with major cropping inputs in the area comprising of sorghum, wheat, barley, canola, oats and sunflowers as well as cattle and sheep production. The fertiliser plant is an asset to the Pursehouse Rural Quirindi business, with the ability to store large amounts of fertiliser on site as well as curate custom fertiliser blends recommended by Pursehouse Rural Agronomists.

Operations at the Quirindi Fertiliser Plant.

In 1981 Pursehouse Rural established Quirindi Ground Spray. For some time the Pursehouse family had provided aerial spraying services, importing planes from America to do the job and utilising UHF radio from the who’d a thought it look out for communications. They were early adopters of ground spray rigs with Clive Pursehouse recalling an instance of his father, Fred, taking a trip to Sydney to get his ground spray truck registered as it was the first in the district of its kind.

Today, customers have access to complete support from the Pursehouse Rural Agronomy team, Fertiliser plant and in branch support to ensure your cropping  inputs have the best possible pathway to success.

The branch also stocks a full range of stock feed, animal health supplies and accessories, fixtures and fittings and much more.

Pursehouse Rural Quirindi Branch Manager, Bruce Nixon.

“It is a privilege to be part of the wheel in such a productive agricultural community like the Liverpool plains. Without our farming families we would not be here today. Which is why we strive to assist our producers to be successful, so that by working together we can continue our relationship for generations to come.”

– Pursehouse Rural Quirindi Branch Manager, Bruce Nixon.

From left to right: Bruce Nixon, Lachlan Cottee, Olivia Meier, Scott Jenkins, Davin Goodwin, Heath Forsstrom


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