June 29

Pursehouse Rural Agronomy Trip a Success


Members of the NSW and QLD Pursehouse Rural Agronomy Teams met up to participate in an informative trip through some of Queensland’s unique farms.

The Pursehouse Rural team’s first stop was Gatton and the S & W Seeds Research Farm. Here they saw the new and current varieties of Sorghum, Sunflowers, Forage Sorghum, and Lucerne. Visiting the S & W Seeds Research Farm benefited the agronomy team through improving their understanding of seed growing and plantation. Costa’s Tomato Farm in Guyra proved to be a beneficial stop; the Pursehouse Rural team witnessed how these tomatoes are grown, then branded for sale. Witnessing how the tomatoes are grown in glass houses, hydroponically year-round improved the agronomy team’s understanding of tomato farming, and the growing process which occurs within the glass houses.

Supplier meetings at the Pacific Seeds Head Office in Toowoomba, with Sumitomo, Incitec, and Pacific Seeds was successful; updating the Pursehouse Rural team on the latest products and seed growing trends.  Following this, a Grain Storage Facility which packs Macadamia Nuts was a successful stop; the agronomy team witnessed the nuts being packed for local and export markets. The team then made their way to an irrigation farm which is experimenting with garlic. This proved to be interesting and informative, demonstrating how new farming practices could be introduced.

On the way home, the Pursehouse Rural Agronomy team squeezed in visits to some of our Queensland branches; Pittsworth, Clifton, Allora, and Warwick, among their busy schedule.


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