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Pursehouse Rural Agronomists: Next Generation


Story and photography by Jessica Rea

Pursehouse Rural are nurturing the next generation of agronomists, growing together within an experienced agronomy team for a successful career. Based at branch locations across Northern New South Wales and Queensland, Pursehouse Rural is home to a number of employees embarking on their agronomic careers.

The culture across the next generation of agronomists within the Pursehouse Rural branch network is strong. Graduates from multiple higher education institutions find their way to full time roles within the Pursehouse Rural business. Some are the recipients of the Pursehouse Rural scholarship from the University New England, awarded to students from regional or remote locations, studying a degree in Agribusiness, Agriculture or Rural Sciences. Recipients of this scholarship have gone on to complete work experience with the Pursehouse Rural Group, or gone on to fill a full time position within the agronomy team at Pursehouse Rural.

Pursehouse Rural Coolah Agronomist, Paige Tilse.

A graduate commencing their career at Pursehouse Rural will be paired with an experienced member of the Pursehouse Rural agronomy team, working with them on a daily basis and gaining hands-on, practical experience in the paddock. Being based within a Pursehouse Rural branch also means they have access to a stream of Pursehouse Rural customers with agronomic inquiries and have the chance to learn about a host of agricultural inputs and their practical uses on farm. All agronomists working within the Pursehouse Rural group have the support of a solid agronomic team around them, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table in all areas of agronomy including broadacre agronomy, cotton and pasture.

The best way to learn is by getting your hands dirty. Practical skills and knowledge is the basis of training for any young agronomist working within the Pursehouse Rural team. Building upon the fundamental knowledge gained through their university degree, a graduate Pursehouse Rural agronomist will hone their skills in the paddock, developing an in-depth understanding of the needs of farmers in their region.

Pursehouse Rural graduate agronomists shadow experienced members of the Pursehouse Rural agronomy team for an average of one year, whilst honing their skills and knowledge in the paddock. From there they are given the opportunity to build their own client relationships and work independently, whilst still having the support of the entire Pursehouse Rural agronomy team. The ability to discuss issues effecting farmers in their area and explore a variety of solutions to these issues is integral to how a Pursehouse Rural agronomist operates on a day to day basis.

Pursehouse Rural Gunnedah Graduate Agronomist, Charlie Oates

Opportunity for growth within the Pursehouse Rural agronomy team is available around every corner, with agronomists in 2023 being put forward for the Rural Achievers Award, presented at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show. Jed McEovy, from Pursehouse Rural Coonabarabran, impressed judges in his selection interview for the award, through his obvious passion for agriculture and his determination to support young professionals in regional locations. He touched on how important it is to keep opportunities open for young people in rural and remote areas and therefore keeping the towns alive. A belief shared by the Pursehouse Rural Group.

Pursehouse Rural and their partners offer young professionals travel opportunities to expand their personal and professional experiences. This year Coolah agronomist, Paige Tilse, was chosen to take part in a six week AgLink trip to Canada. Whilst overseas, Paige will visit farming operations across Canada as well as Agribusinesses, comparing their operations to her experiences here in Australia and expanding her professional skills in the Agricultural industry. She will also have the opportunity to experience some of the best that Canadian rural culture has to offer such as the Calgary Stampede.

Also embarking on an overseas trip to Canada, is Pittsworth agronomist, Jack Hyem, who joins Bayer for their upcoming tour.  Jack was presented with the opportunity to tour regional centres in Canada as part of a group of professionals from across the agricultural sector. From this trip, Jack hopes to build on his existing knowledge of agricultural practices and technology, bringing new ideas back to his day to day operations in Australia.

Pursehouse Rural Pittsworth Agronomist, Jack Hyem

Find out more about how you can join the Pursehouse Rural Group, in a range of roles, detailed on our careers page.


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