April 3

Pursehouse in the Pilliga

Pursehouse Rural are proud to announce they will be working closely with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy on a ground breaking project in the Pilliga Forest, NSW.

Greater bilbies at Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary, habitat of endemic and endangered wildlife managed for conservation by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, in Southwestern New South Wales, Australia. Photo Credit: Australian Wildlife Conservancy


The project plans to build a 32km fence to aid the reintroduction of Bilbies to the area, along with five other endangered mammals which are extinct in NSW; the Bridled Wallaby, the Bush-tailed Bettong, the Western Barred Bandicoot, the Plains Mouse and the Western Quoll. The animals will be introduced to the area over the coming three years, making it one of the most prominent endangered species projects in Australia. And Pursehouse Rural are proud to be a part of it!



Pursehouse Rural are suppling fencing materials to build the feral cat and fox-proof fence to secure a 5,800 hectare area, creating a safe haven for the endangered mammals. Pursehouse will be donating $5000 worth of materials to the project.


Photo Credit: Australian Wildlife Conservancy


The Bilbies will be moved from a breeding program, run by the AWC at their wildlife sanctuary located in Scotia, on the NSW/SA border. Before now the last time the Bilby was spotted in NSW was near Wagga in 1912!

In approximately 2 months the project hopes to install 6,500 fence pickets, 300kms of plain wire, 96kms netting and attach 750,000 fence clips. Our Pursehouse trucks and employees will be working hard to ensure the project has everything and anything it may need to keep to the tight schedule.

Once the fence is completed, all predators of the Bilby, including feral cats and foxes will be removed from the area, creating a sanctuary where the endangered species can be observed and studied. The project hopes to grow the Bilby population in the Pilliga to 850 animals, almost 10% of the current Bilby population across Australia. The sanctuary also creates a unique tourist attraction in the area.


Did you spot us on 7News?

You can watch the clip on the Pilliga Project at https://au.news.yahoo.com/video/watch/39687517/bilby-making-a-comeback/


For more information on the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and their work on the Pilliga project and much, much more visit http://www.australianwildlife.org/


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