June 6

No Guts No Glory

Poseidon Equine come to Pursehouse Rural Tamworth on Thursday 20th June for an instore training event, open to all customers in the Tamworth area.


Kicking off at 6pm, the evening will focus on WHY your horse’s gut effects their overall health and happiness, plus, the practical steps you can take to restore and maintain their gut health.


In just one evening you will learn…

  • WHY gut health is so important
  • HOW digestion really works in the horse
  • the lowdown on hindgut bacteria
  • how healing the gut can transform your horses attitude, condition, topline, coat shine and ability to perform

Please find the team from Pursehouse Rural, Saddleworld Tamworth and Poseidon Equine in store, at 48 Dampier Street on Thursday 20th June from 6pm. For more information contact us on 02 6764 1100.


Contact Poseidon Equine directly on 02 42 608 893 or find them online at www.poseidon-equine.com.


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