September 6

New Industry Regulation Mandates EID In Sheep and Goats From January 2025

With Gallagher Animal Management Australia

As a leader in the agricultural industry, Gallagher offers a comprehensive suite of animal management solutions that enable farmers to meet NLIS compliance requirements, while maximising profits and improving on-farm activity.

The Australian government has announced the move towards mandatory implementation of sheep and goat EIDs nation-wide by January 1, 2025. The introduction of mandatory electronic identification (EID) of sheep in Australia provides a golden opportunity for farmers to level up their operations. Access to accurate and up-to-date data completely transforms on-farm operations. Beyond just weighing and tracing animals, it also means optimising feeding habits, tracking animal pedigree, making smarter selling decisions, and ensuring animal health to minimise loss.

With over 85 years in the farming industry, Gallagher are the experts when it comes to high-performance animal management solutions.

Gallagher’s range of handheld EID tag readers makes on-farm portable scanning easy, with large LCD screens and an ergonomic design. Tag readers sync with Wireless Load Bars, as well as the user’s smartphone, making weight-tracking and recording traits as easy as the click of a button.

Gallagher also offers a range of Weigh Scales that collect weight and other data, by using EID tags. The best-selling TWR-5 Weigh Scale has an inbuilt tag reader and combines weighing and tag reading into one task to simplify the drafting process.

When it comes to sheep, Gallagher also has a solution for automatic drafting. The Sheep Auto Drafter is the answer for farmers wanting to make the most of EID tagging with high-speed automatic sorting of animals, saving the time and effort usually associated with drafting.

Tying this all together, Gallagher Animal Performance Plus is a cloud-connected app for both web and mobile that allows producers to access their animal data from the yard, the farm, or the office from a range of devices.

If you want to learn more about Gallagher’s range of animal management solutions, contact your local Territory Manager or Gallagher stockist.


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