April 7

Guarding Against Ferals in Grenfell

With Waratah Australia

Simon Nowlan and Robert Grimm both run cropping farms in Grenfell, located 55km west of Cowra. Both farmers ran a multitude of crops including canola, wheat and barley. They were having a lot of trouble with feral animals, especially kangaroos. Simon claimed that his property would just be inundated by Kangaroos often losing 50-60 hectares of crop per year. Robert was having similar issues claiming “The (kangaroo) populations were getting out of hand. We were seeing mobs of 200-300 kangaroos at a time.” Both farmers decided enough was enough, they needed to come up with a solution to gain back control of their properties.

After a bit of research and looking at multiple options they decided the best option for them was to put up an exclusion fence. The farmers came together and decided to put up an adjoining fence and share the costs across the two properties. Simon decided to use Waratah®’s 12/115/15 Stocksafe-T® with apron, 3 lines of 2.00mm High tensile barb, using 210cm JiO® Star® and 240cm JiO MaxY® posts. While Robert went with Waratah’s 15/150/15 Stocksafe-T with apron, 3 lines of 2.00mm High tensile barb, using 210cm JiO® Star® and 240cm JiO MaxY® posts.  Both designs would provide the farmers with fences high enough to stop the kangaroos from jumping the fence line easily, while also ensuring nothing could burrow underneath.  The decision to use Waratah was an easy one to make with Robert stating;

“We have been using Waratah in our family for a number of years through different generations of the family. We have tried other products and we just keep returning to Waratah.”

Within a year the fence was already beginning to show promising results with Simon claiming that;

“we got the fence up last year and have already had success, saving about 100 tonne of wheat and an extra 100 tonne of barley as well. Which at $270 a tonne (for wheat at the time) that’s big money.”

Simon said that the fence was half paying for itself within the first 6 months.”

“If you want something to last and has longevity, Waratah is the only way to go.”

Why not see what Waratah can do for you, contact your local Waratah representative via the team at Pursehouse Rural today or visit – www.waratahfencing.com.au to see a video about Simon and Roberts story.


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