September 6

A Proactive Approach to Business

With Malcolm Pursehouse

Managing Director Pursehouse Rural

The introduction of new farming technologies, sustainability-focused practices and advanced equipment are changing the agricultural industry. Pursehouse Rural acknowledges that change is a constant and by taking a proactive approach to the inevitability of change we will be a rural business partner for the future, thereby enacting our Company vision for the future.

The four pillars of the Company’s strategic plan are People, Customers, Sustainability and Profitability, and these are the key drivers that influence our decision processes when we relate to change. At Pursehouse Rural we know that business processes do not progress without also advancing communication procedures across the business.

Malcolm Pursehouse, Pursehouse Rural Managing Director

Ensuring we have the right people with the right skills in the right roles when initiating change in the Company is paramount to its success. Particularly with the introduction of advanced equipment and other rural related advancements, Pursehouse Rural employees are made aware of changes in the agricultural industry so they can best inform customers. Further, in adapting to change we are able to grow with customers and plan collaboratively for shared success.

Members of the agricultural community value sustainability and transparency more than ever. Today we seek to incorporate sustainable practices to ensure the longevity of farming operations, and customers are increasingly concerned with traceability. Therefore by increasing our sustainable practices across our business, we seek to prioritise minimising waste, invest in initiatives that support environmental sustainability, and actively stay at the forefront of industrial changes across rural business. Importantly, we hope that welcoming change will lead to increased profitability to both Pursehouse Rural and the Company’s customers.


Agriculture, Pursehouse Rural

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